The roots of Casa Piena go back to Carmen Policy's childhood in Youngstown, Ohio's Smokey Hollow neighborhood, where the making and sharing of wine played a central part in the vibrant family life of his largely Italian-American community.

"My grandfathers," says Carmen, "both made their own wines, using recipes handed down to them from their fathers. They were part of a whole community of basement winemakers who would go to the railroad yards to buy grapes right off the boxcars from California. The wines they made were rough and robust, but they were labors of love, and were served with pride at Sunday dinners. They were also shared between families as a sign of generosity-and of course with a little bit of healthy competitive spirit!"

Over the years, this early exposure to wine grew into a passion that found a deep connection with the beauty and abundance of California's Napa Valley. After a long search for the ideal vineyard property, Carmen and his wife Gail found what they were looking for in a beautiful unplanted valley floor site. Working with legendary vineyard manager Jim Barbour, they planted several elite clones of Cabernet Sauvignon, with the goal of crafting a wine of vibrant depth and elegance. They also set down their own roots, building a home for the Policy family on the vineyard, surrounded by spectacular views of the Mayacamas and Vaca mountains, as well as the Stags Leap Palisades.

As a result, the Policy family is once again a part of a close-knit community of winemakers working to craft exceptional wines for the enjoyment of family and friends.

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