Their personal and private lives both characterize a commitment to providing the best possible effort driven by an extraordinary sense of passion.

Carmenís first career was that of a trial lawyer providing an opportunity to help defend and promote the interest of his clients in a competitive and dramatic setting. He moved from the courtroom to the gridiron. Following from his successful career in law, Carmen joined the San Francisco 49ers organization, where he played a key role in all five of the 49ers' Super Bowl winning teams, helping to establish them as one of the preeminent franchises in all of sports. He and Gail found their new life and their new home in San Francisco to be a virtual fairytale come true.

The San Francisco 49ers became an extension of a strong sense of family that they both carried with them from their native Ohio. After 25 years of happily toiling in the NFL vineyards and creating a treasure trove of memories and accomplishments, Gail and Carmen realized, sometime in the 1990ís, that they were compelled to pursue the amazing lifestyle and challenges that winemaking and Napa Valley offered. Wine, sunshine, great food and romance were the enticements that could not be resisted.

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