From its inception, Casa Piena has benefited from the vision and expertise of Carmen Policy. Recognized as a master team builder who helped to shape the fortunes of the five-time Super Bowl champion San Francisco 49ers, Carmen has applied his keen eye for talent to the task of establishing the Casa Piena team.

"I have always believed that the formula for succeeding in an endeavor that requires a cooperative effort is to put the best people on the field," says Carmen. "Just as important, you need to provide the tools, and create an environment, which presents the finest opportunity for success." To achieve the goal of creating an exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmen has gathered together a small team of passionate wine people including such renowned industry veterans as:

Thomas Brown - Winemaker
The chemistry between Thomas & the Policys was so perfect that they were tempted to cut short the rigorous interview and selection process that was underway. Once onboard, it became evident that Thomas was in a class all his own with a winemaking style that reflects his personality; a balance of quiet sophistication and unwavering vision.

Jim Barbour - Vineyard Manager
From the initial viticultural assessment of Policy Vineyard to its original planting, legendary vineyard manager Jim Barbour has guided the meticulous cultivation of Casa Piena. As a Napa Valley native, with more than 30 years of winegrowing experience, Jim is widely recognized as one of California's most gifted vineyard managers, with a unique ability for coaxing the full, expressive potential from elite, Napa Valley properties.

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