Inaugural Harvest - 2006

After months of precise vine pruning and care, the anticipation that develops during the days before harvest is a feeling unlike any other. As the fruit hangs full and ripe on the vines inching ever so slowly towards perfection, you watch the skies and cross your fingers for those last few days of perfect weather. -Gail & Carmen Policy

Throughout this inaugural harvest, Gail and Carmen watched over their 10 acres holding out for the last two amazing weeks of perfect weather in October. Mother Nature gave a beautiful and long growing season in 2006. Unmarked by heat spikes, the languid end yielded an ideal, methodical harvest. The luxury of time allowed each row the attention for individual assessment. The stage was set for optimal ripeness with precision farming driving the decision to pick four times over. This staggered approach created micro lots, delivering a rich palette of fruit from which to create the very first bottling of Casa Piena.


Acres: 10


Tons per Acre: 2.2

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